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For 25 years, BMP has been on the front edge of understanding and illuminating the issues, trends, and practices that enable the nonprofit sector – including the constellation of networks, organizations, and movements working for justice and equity – to be effective in a rapidly changing ecosystem.

Your contribution to the Futures Fund will help us continue to:

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Support leaders and leadership 

BMP supports leadership – especially BIPOC leaders – both individually and collectively, to address pressing issues – such as racism and oppression – in order to realize a more just and equitable sector and world. BMP’s Race to Lead series has received national recognition for its influence on the field.

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Push for impact in – and by – organizations

BMP develops frameworks and tools that enable change within organizations so that they deliver real, material change for communities. BMP also works to inform and influence the social sector – particularly philanthropy – about the needs of organizations and the systemic pressures that block progress.

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Foster alignment within and solidarity across movements

BMP strengthens the progressive movement ecosystem by facilitating relationships and connections among leaders and organizations, and advancing ideas that matter for building the power and impact of progressive movements.

Your support of the Futures Fund ensures that BMP continues our impactful work on multiple levels of change in the sector, and that we continue to deliver cutting-edge research, provide practical resources to nonprofit organizations and changemakers, and facilitate transformative relationships to build solidarity in social change and movement organizations.
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The Building Movement Project is fiscally sponsored by TSNE. All donations are fully tax-deductible.
If your institution is interested in making a contribution at a level above $5,000, please submit the form below and Romana Lee-Akiyama, Senior Director of Institutional Advancement will contact you ASAP.